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A solicitor with many years experience in the area of Personal Injury Law, assisting Claimant's in respect of all aspects of their accident and CICA claims. Securing hundreds of thousands of pounds of compensation for Claimant's who have been injured or assaulted through no fault of their own, with values of claims varying from £1,000.00 up to and above £100,000.00.

What to do if CICA claims are refused – It ain’t over till it’s over

What to do if CICA claims are refused

What to do if CICA claims are refused

What to do if CICA claims are refused

There are times when unfortunately the CICA will refuse to make any award at all, with a number of reasons why this can be.

For example, it may be that the CICA feel that the assault has not been reported to the Police quickly enough. The CICA may feel that the incident is not a “violent crime” as such.

Alternatively, perhaps that the injury is not severe enough to warrant an award of compensation.  However, just because a CICA award is refused, it does not necessarily mean that ultimately an application will not be successful. Continue reading

Co-operate for a Successful Compensation Claim

Co-operation’s what you need

Co-operate for a successful compensation claim

Co-operate with Police and Lawyers to get the compensation.

You must fully co-operate for a Successful Compensation Claim .  In order to be awarded compensation by the CICA, you must have co-operated with everybody who tries to help you along the way. this includes the Police, the courts, your solicitor (if you have one) and of course the CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) themselves. Continue reading