Report, Report, Report

In order to have a successful CICA claim, the importance of reporting an assault to the Police cannot be underestimated. In short, it must be reported.

The CICA expect you to report the crime suffered by yourself immediately so as to ensure that there is the best chance of the person who injured you being

In normal circumstances, the CICA will refuse to pay compensation if you do not report the incident to the police straightaway.

Exceptions / When you don’t have to report the crime

The most common exceptions to the requirement to report an incident immediately are:

If the type of injuries suffered meant that you could not reasonably have been expected to have made a full report to the police straight away, e.g. you were incapacitated, perhaps in hospital, or

Report Abuse before making a compensation claim

Report abuse to the Police

Report historical abuse

Instances of abuse. However, no matter how long ago the abuse took place, should always be reported to the police before a claim is made.

If you’re subjected to an assault, speak to the Police as soon as you can and before you finish with them, always always, always, obtain the Crime Reference Number. Without this, a claim cannot be submitted.

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