Sexual Abuse or Physical Abuse Claim

Claim compensation.

Victims of Sexual violence may claim compensation

If you have been a victim of rape, sexual assault or physical violence, we can assist you in a claim for compensation. Compensation will come from the  Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Victims of Violence Have Experienced Solicitors

Our specialist solicitors have many years experience in dealing with claims with the CICA of this nature, which can often be the most difficult to deal with and discuss.

If you have suffered abuse, we guarantee that you will be treated with compassion and understanding in a process which we know will be challenging.

Time Limits for Making Compensation Claims

As you may have read in our article “The clock is ticking”, there is a two year time limit from the date of the assault or, in relation to this article, the abuse that took place, to make a CICA claim. However, if you suffered abuse as a child, the CICA understand that it may not have been possible for you to report the abuse shortly after it happened and therefore exceptions to the two year time limit are often made.

Reporting Sexual Abuse

If you have been a victim of historical abuse though and are considering pursuing a CICA claim, you should report the abuse to the police now, immediately.

The CICA scheme expects a Claimant to submit an application within two years of the date of the incident, but will consider applications which are made after this time provided that there has been a good reason why an application has not been made within the time limit period and it will still be possible for the abuse to be investigated.  This exception is most likely to apply to a Claimant who was suffered sexual abuse as a child but found it not possible to report what had happened until they became an adult.

Our next article will provide you with details of the amount of compensation that you could be entitled to if you have been a victim of physical abuse, either as an adult or a child, before we provide an article in respect of the amount of compensation that you could be entitled to if you have been a victim of sexual abuse.  Look out for those coming soon.

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