Co-operate for a Successful Compensation Claim

Co-operation’s what you need

Co-operate for a successful compensation claim

Co-operate with Police and Lawyers to get the compensation.

You must fully co-operate for a Successful Compensation Claim .  In order to be awarded compensation by the CICA, you must have co-operated with everybody who tries to help you along the way. this includes the Police, the courts, your solicitor (if you have one) and of course the CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) themselves.

You are expected to have done everything you can to assist the police in catching and convicting the person who assaulted you. Co-operation includes making a full statement and co-operating in bringing them to justice through the criminal courts.

Obviously you may be reluctant to bring charges, perhaps through fear of a revenge attack, however it is seen as your public duty to help the authorities as much as you can.

Help the CICA to help you

Co-operation with the CICA throughout the claim process goes without saying.  It will be your responsibility to help with the collection of any information required. Help that you can provide will usually involve you signing a Consent Form, to allow the CICA to obtain details from the police, any hospital or GP attended, etc.

You will also be expected to provide any updates requested regarding your injuries as the claim progresses.  Keeping the CICA in the know in respect of any change of address is also important.

If you engage in the relevant processes, it will certainly be worthwhile in the long run in terms of a getting a successful compensation claim and the amount of compensation that you will receive.

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