Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Victimsofviolence.co.uk?

Want the most possible compensation for your CICA claim?
victimsofviolence.co.uk gives you the advice that you need.

So who are Victimsofviolence.co.uk?

victimsofviolence.co.uk was created by Neil Bradley, a practising personal injury solicitor with many years experience in the field of CICA claims. Neil found that despite the CICA being created as far back as 1964, there were still many people who either didn’t know about it at all, or knew about it but didn’t know how to make a successful application for compensation. The Victims of Violence site was therefore set up to inform injured victims of crime of their right to claim compensation and to help them get what they are entitled to.

Working with you

When you contact victimsofviolence.co.uk you will be starting a partnership which, from our side, will include an absolute commitment to ensuring that you receive financial justice for the criminal injuries that you have suffered.

Commitment to excellence

If you make an enquiry regarding your CICA claim with victimsofviolence.co.uk you will immediately be contacted by an expert solicitor in the field of CICA claims. Your legal expert, who you will deal with from the start of your claim to the very finish (no speaking to one person one day, then someone else another, etc. with us), will:

  • be a friendly and caring professional;
  • provide advice whilst showing the utmost sympathy and sensitivity;
  • be an experienced expert in CICA claims.

Best value

Your claim will be pursued on a “No win, no fee” basis which means that, for once, you actually want to have to pay a bill, as if you are that means that you will be receiving compensation.

It also means that if you don’t win, your solicitor won’t get paid which, if you weren’t convinced before that they will fight as hard as possible for you, you really should be convinced now.

Surely you’re certain now that contacting victimsofvioence.co.uk means that you’ll be represented by a solicitor who will fight tooth and nail to get you as much as possible?

If you’re convinced, send us an enquiry today. If you’re not convinced, send us an enquiry anyway as we’re sure you’ll then discover that we’re the first step to the CICA compensation that you deserve.

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