We are confident that our fully qualified solicitors provide first class assistance to claimant’s in respect of all types of CICA claims, however don’t just take our word for it, read what clients that we have already helped have said about us:

You worked hard from start to finish, keep doing what you are doing, hardworking and dedicated. A very professional service

Mrs S was subjected to a sustained, vicious, physical and sexual assault by her former partner, suffering serious physical and psychiatric/physiological injuries as a result. Initially she submitted an application to the CICA with the assistance of Victim Support and after a number of years received an offer of compensation in the sum of £1,500.00.

She was unsure whether she should accept the amount and therefore approached us for advice. After sensitively discussing the injuries suffered, our team felt that the amount was far from adequate and therefore drafted a detailed request for a review on behalf of the Claimant. Thereafter the compensation amount was increased to £12,815.00.

Friendly, down to earth, trustworthy and straight talking

Mr B was involved in an unprovoked assault outside of a night club, suffering facial injuries as a result. He approached us to discover if he was entitled to compensation due to the attack and having explained to him the CICA process, our solicitors submitted an application to them on his behalf. He was able to secure the sum of £1,500.00.

As well as great feedback, we also love to receive cards and comments as we very much appreciate people who not only tell us that they are happy with the work that we have done for them, but go to the time, effort and expense to show us. Many thanks to each and every one of you that are helping to make us such a success.

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